Little Red Houses of Norway

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Norway Rorbu
A little red shack in Norway. I just spent the last two weeks traveling in Norway from Oslo to the Lofoten (Opens in a New Window) Islands. I’ll be posting photos from the trip over the next few weeks. If I had to single out one impressive item that should be adopted in the US, it’s the bilingual nature of Norway. Everyone speaks Norwegian and perfect English. The US has no excuse to not institute mandatory bilingual eduction in elementary school of both English and Spanish. Anyway, a picture.

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  • Ilena

    I really enjoy this pictures. It makes life feel more simple like it should be with. The colors really work well together.

  • Dawn

    I am glad to have come acrossed your blog ! I live in central Wisconsin and we have a little tourist place here called “Little Norway”. It is a public attraction, a living museaum of sorts. They have replicas of norwegian buildings and what not. In fact, they do have an actual building that was built in Norway in 1893 for an exposition. It has been years since I visited it, and now your blog post makes me want to visit again.

  • Bryan

    Thanks, Dawn.

  • Mark

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