Lighthouse and Creative Portraits

 In Grand Marais, Picture

Lighthouse and Creative Portraits

Grand Marais is blessed with many paintings on the sides of buildings or misc. places. This painting, completed on the anniversary of the Edmund Fitzgerald’s sinking, features a lighthouse with rays of light. By creatively using body parts as improvised barn doors, I was able to control the light so only the natural sunlight would fall across the model’s eyes, making the sunlight look like a natural extension of the lighthouse beam. It only takes a few seconds to think creatively, and those few extra seconds can result in the best picture of a portrait session.

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  • Ilena

    I like the way you had the light catch her eyes! Great photo technique.

  • Paul Taylor

    Nice picture Bryan and very impressive website.

  • Bryan

    Thanks, Paul. Hope that you’re having a great summer.

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