Kayak Parking at the Lofoten Cathedral

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Lofoten Cathedral

Vågan Church, Lofoten Cathedral, was built in 1898 and can accommodate up to 1,200 people.

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  • Eric

    Just wondering where that last post went? The post about the energy plan. And I’d like to ask a question??? Do you really think any of this political stuff means a thing? I mean come on, get real. It’s like asking you to switch from Nikon to Canon. Theoretically, You currently use Nikon but I’m a Canon rep and willing to pay you twice as much.
    What are you going to do? You got into this business to get to the top, you’ve done it your whole life. That is what you’ve shrived for, you make your money this way, Theoretically. Last year you really liked lense-baby, but this year they just aren’t paying the bills. What are you going to do to pay the bills? The same thing any of our politics would do to pay the bills, take the pay out. If you think any thing that ether one of these phony candidates say’s will ever come true your crazy. And you know what’s worse about the whole thing? The American people will here it, see it, live it, and do nothing about it. They’ll just sit back and say, “it’s another politition lying to me” maybe next time.
    Well see when I say in four years ” I told you so, because I’ll just sit back and do nothing”

  • Bryan

    The letter is in the post below, below the fold. You have to click on read more.

    My view isn’t nearly as jaded as yours, and sometimes advice to do something will work. In this case, it does. Anyway, thanks for the post.

  • Ilena

    I love the new photo. I enjoy that it feels like you step back in time while looking at this photo.

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