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Basics of Digital Photography Class Copy

  • Wed. March 19th, 6:30-9:30pm
  • Min: 4 students
  • Max: 12 students
  • Cost: $45

Improve your photography with skills learned in this three-hour workshop. This class focuses on the basics of how cameras work, on compositional techniques that will improve your photography, and the exciting learning tools that only digital cameras can offer. By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools needed to produce stunning photos.

This three-hour workshops is sponsored by Cook County Community Education. For more info and to register for the class call: 387-2000

This class has been a hit. It keeps filling up, and we keep getting requests to offer it again.

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  • Paulo Jordao

    Hi Bryan.
    How does the workshop work?
    What location,topics, etc?

  • Bryan

    Hi Paulo,

    Are you thinking about trekking up to the northland for a class?

    It’s more of a three-hour seminar that takes place in a classroom. I send time discussing aperture, shutter speed, digital filing, keywords, digital learning tools, and other topics. It’s a high speed intensive intro, and I keep getting requests for local community members to run it again. So here it is again.

    If you’re interested in coming up for a longer workshop. Lutsen Resort is having one this upcoming weekend. There are still spaces available. The locations will be a snowshoe trek down the Cascade River on the ice, Cascade State Park Shoreline for sunrise, sunset in Grand Marais, Northern Lights? at White Pine Lake, and a few other locations. I’m teaching topics about how to keep your camera working in the cold, and basic of comp and manual camera settings, plus any on the spot topics that come up. Adam Harju will be keeping us safe on the ice, driving, and teaching about how to keep warm in the cold. Plus, he’s now gone through a couple of my workshops, so he’s catching on and he can help with some of the photography parts also.

    Here’s the link:

    BTW, I love your wedding work.

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