Changing Gears

 In Grand Marais, Picture

Gunflint Tavern Tavern Burger

Announcement: As of today, I’m changing my photographic specialization away from property and exclusively to food photography. Food photography is an upcoming and often misunderstood use of creative thinking, and I feel like I can push the field of food photography forward, so expect to only see food on my blog from now until forever.

April Fools!

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  • tony


    I’ll take your pickel and raise you one desert. I have been photographing deserts lately for a client.


  • Andy

    Bryan, what a career move! I’ll make you a deal: Let’s trade homes! You take my place in Hudson, so you can be closer to the cities for all the restaurant review photos, and I’ll move to G.M. to live there forever.

    Happy April 1st, (yes?)

  • Bryan

    Hey Andy and Tony,

    Yep, April Fools! I got a few people on this one and a few friends emailed me to tell me that I didn’t fool them….

    Food photography is really fun though and I’m hoping to do more, especially in the creative side of editorial food photography. I think that could definately add to my enjoyment of the craft of photography.

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