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Prime Rib Tomahawk cut

A picture of the dinner special from Friday night at Lutsen Resort. This 2 pound piece of prime rib sold for $65. It was huge. An other angle below:

Prime Rib Tomahawk cut

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  • Paulo Jordao

    Was it worth?
    Did it come with rice, or vegetables?

  • Bryan

    It came as shown above. It was two pounds of prime rib, tomahawk cut, 14 days of extra aging. It was done on the outside and the closer to the bone the rawer it got. It was very tasty. A baked potato is propping the meat up and the green beans are included. Topped with mushrooms and onions.

    Since I was the photographer, I got to taste it in part after the shoot, and it was excellent. Some of the best tasting steak that I’ve had.

  • Andy Bailey

    I am a carnivore but whenever I see a big bone sticking out of a piece of meat on my plate, it puts me right off eating it!

    Andy Bailey’s last blog post..Go with the flow joe! New CommentLuv version started

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