Winter Kayaking on Lake Superior

 In Grand Marais, Lake Superior, Picture

Winter Kayaking on Lake Superior

The ice hanging from the cliff in the background is created from waves.

Winter Kayaking on Lake Superior

Pushing my way through pack ice.

Winter Kayaking on Lake Superior

This time of year, the pack ice in the harbor is fun to watch. Some days, it will be completely frozen over, or pushed to the west, east, north or to the south, like today, depending on the wind.

Ilena took these pictures of me today while kayaking. After kayaking, we went cross country skiing. Not many places where you can go kayaking and then head out skiing right after.

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  • Ilena

    Great photos! What a fun day. :)

  • Arti Honrao

    Nice pictures!
    The first one looks scary …


  • Bryan

    It was a nice day and paddle. I should post the picture where I laid down in the 38 degree F water. :)

  • Tim

    You have some exceptional skills behind the camera. I love the shot of the ice hovering over you on those cliffs. Absolute gorgeous shot.

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