Waterfalls and Kayak

 In Lake Superior, North Shore, Picture

Waterfalls and Kayak

Harsh mid-day sun, but a cool location. The sun is now high enough mid-day that nature shooting is become confined to the edges of the days. And sunrise is at 6:00! That means getting on locations at 5:00. That means waking up at 4:30! That means I probably won’t be shooting too many sunrises. :)

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  • Addey Kehinde

    Excellent, excellent shot. Bryan. I absolutely love this one!

    Incidentally, I would like to thank you for your write-ups on the Basics of Photography. I’ve only just gotten into photography and have found the article to be very useful.

    I’m now on the prowl for your book (It is out, isn’t it??)

    Best Regards.

  • Bryan

    I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed the write-ups. The book that those drafts are from is not out yet. It’s on the back burner right now. I’m working on some new teaching techniques that may replace a bit of the book. So, right now, it’s just the stuff on the web and Lighthouse book from Lulu.com.


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