Walking the Pincushion

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Pincushion Pathway

Blue Arrow

Two women hiking

On Pincushion

Edit: I updated my bicycle letter to the editor on the blog with a response to the weird response I received in the newspaper.

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  • eric

    “Too bad Microsoft decides to walk a path that releases buggy operating systems.”
    They’ve done this forever, it was to be expected. Look at Internet Explorer it’s always been crap and always will. 80% of the people that view this are useing IE. Everyone should do themselves a favor and download Firefox, today.
    I told you to buy a mac!!!

  • Bryan

    True, but I liked XP after SP2. I got the color profiling thing worked out, but the Nikon Codec is still not working. I wish I would have gotten this same computer with XP installed instead of Vista. I may change. I haven’t decided yet.

    80% using IE? What world are you living in? Firefox dominates on this blog. At a minimum, 65% of viewers for this blog are using Firefox. I expect that it is much higher than that, but I’d have to dig a little more with a different statistic program than I use. I would guess that IE use for my blog is well under 20%. And that’s including the traffic boost from the MN Monitor, which has put my traffic at about tied for last months total now.

    Plus, I can’t run my ship design program on a Mac.

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