Tettegouche State Park

 In Lake Superior, North Shore, Picture

I went paddling at Tettegouche State Park today. I had a perfectly calm water day with a slight breeze. In the morning, there were patches of skim ice that I had to break through here and there. I paddled very leisurely to the sea caves about three miles of shoreline away from the beach and put-in. Then, I shot straight back, which made for a 5 mile paddle. I took an hour from lunch and messed around a bit. I got on the water at ten and off the water at two. This is a very nice paddle. It will be part of a spring kayak training course that I’m guiding at Lutsen Resort.

BTW, I’m doing waterfall photography workshops for Lutsen Resort until mid-May. Last weekend, I ran two.

Tettegouche Kayak

This was a very nice landing. And the small blade of an island was very picturesque. This would be a great sunrise location, and note that the rock in the foreground would normally be underwater!

Kayak on shore near Tettegouche State Park

This is the same beach as in the previous picture. It’s a very nice place to stop for lunch. It’s probably private property, but there were no houses above it — only the highway, so it might be public.

Kayak on shore near Tettegouche State Park

Tettegouche’s sea arch. The rock connecting the two pieces looks like it’s about to fall down. Don’t know how many more years we’ll have it. In the background in Shovel Point.

Tettegouche Sea Caves

This is one of the two larger caves. It is between Shovel Point and the beach picture I posted above. About two and a half shore miles from the put-in.

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  • Ken Sutherland

    Thanks for the pic Bryan!

    I wish I lived closer, I would be very intested in the photograhy workshops.

    Cheers, Happy Paddling.


  • JoelT

    Hey Bryan, is that first photo only accessible via Kayak? It looks pretty spectacular. The midday light actually worked pretty well to accentuate the colors in the water. Very cool.

  • eric


  • Bryan

    I think that you could get to the location from the road, but I’m not exactly sure how to do it. I pulled my GPS out to mark the location and the batteries were dead. I need to check those before I head out. :)

    I really found the separation of the muddy water flowing in from a very small waterfall and the lake water interesting, and the sun is still pretty low in the sky at noon and a slight haze was muting the glare. In the morning, the sun should be able to be lined up behind the rock blade.

    I’m going to get back down there sometime at sunrise to do the photo more justice.

  • Bryan

    And, I almost forgot, a polarizer at mid-day can work wonders when there is water in the picture.


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