Tahe Reval at Paradise Beach

 In Lake Superior, North Shore, Picture

Tahe Reval Kayak

Paradise Beach was the starting point for one of my latest kayaking trips. On many days, the island just offshore and the small bay that is formed by the curve in the land makes an easy place for launching. The day I took this picture, the waves out beyond the rocks were well overhead. The new kayak handled them fine. I wish I had a waterproof camera to take pictures out on the water in waves.

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  • JoelT

    Beautiful kayak. I bet it’s a blast. I have to admit that I’m a bit envious. It’s one of my goals to get a kayak so that I can more fully explore Superior. Have fun and best regards!

  • Bryan

    Thanks Joel. Kayak is pretty fun. The next two days, I’m instructing a kayaking course. The second day, we’re taking the group out on Lake Superior for a full day of travel.

    And then I’m off to Georgian Bay for four days of kayaking to the Bustard Islands.

    I’m always available for private kayak instruction in addition to the guiding that I do.

  • Dirk

    Hi Bryan,

    As I am interested in purchasing a Reval, I am looking for some info in english about this kayak. I find lots of scandinavian, but don’t understand it.
    How do you rate the behavior and the finishing of this kayak?
    Any info welcome,

  • Bryan

    Hi Dirk,

    I haven’t paddled it enough to make any informed opinions on its performance. It doesn’t have any bad characteristics that jump out. It rolls easy. It’s fast, but not super fast. It doesn’t have anything that makes me jump for joy on the first paddle. The front deck is way too high! The back deck could come down at the cockpit. It seems to be a solid all around boat for tripping. The front bulkhead is too far forward. No way to carry a spare paddle on the front deck without covering the compass with a bungie.

    The finishing is okay. My cockpit coaming is off center and other kayaks we bought from them to guide out of have a worse problem with the coaming being off center. One boat we received was soft. The quality seems a little hit and miss. The compass mount leaks, because there is no backing to it. I cut myself deeply on the seat when I pulled it, because it wasn’t sanded smooth.

  • Stelios

    Hi Bryan,

    In terms of cockpit size do you think it has enough space for a paddler at 185cm, 84kg with shoe size 11?
    I found all Tahe cockpits very small and doing a wet exit and especially a re-entry very difficult as you can’t fit both legs on the cockpit quickly.

    How is also the primary stability of the Reval?


    • Bryan

      I’ve been in so many kayaks that it’s hard for me to judge the primary stability. I found it just fine and everyone that paddled it thought so, too. I sold the boat two years ago. It should fit a 6-foot, 185 pound paddler just fine. It had plenty of room for my friend who has size 11 feet and is taller that 6 foot. The cockpit is small. I prefer something long as I found it hard to sit first and pull my feet in. It was even harder to get my feet out before a rocky landing. It’s a fine kayak otherwise.

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