Smoky Mountain Barn

 In General

This is an oldy, but goody. I took this in the Smokies. It was shot on Velvia 100 or 50, I don’t recall. Then I scanned it and converted it to look like it was shot on Kodak Tri-x, which is the black and white film I used to shot when I learned photography. I miss those many days spent in the darkroom.

This is a pretty good conversion. In the darkroom, I would have dodged the highlights in the lower left and on the steering bar on the wagon. I may have made a mask for the steering bar. And I may have burned in the wall on the right. I can do all these things in photoshop, but it’s not nearly as fun. And people think you’re cheating when you do it on the computer vs. the darkroom. That confuses me. Same techniques, different technology. So what’s the difference?

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