Silver Bay taconite plant wants to put asbestos into the air

 In Lake Superior, North Shore, Picture

I just read an interesting newspaper article (opens in a new window) about the Taconite plant in Silver Bay going to court to try and get permission to continue to allow the plant to put asbestos into the air. The area already has 3x as many asbestos health related issues when compared to the norm. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together.

I believe the plant should be required to put less into the air, especially since there’s talk of increased mining to feed China’s need for iron. It’s something to think about when Taconite Harbor is put back into service as a shipping port for taconite. That’s pretty close to home.

Below is a picture of Amy Voytilla in front of Taconite Harbor.

Amy Voytilla in a kayak

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  • Joel

    This is really unfortunate news. Thanks for bringing attention to the issue. I have to say, in a lot of regards, Minnesota has really handled the Minnesota/Superior shoreline poorly. I hope this case doesn’t become another loss for the communities and visitors of the north shore. Poor air quality is a loss for everyone.

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