Self-Portrait and Website Redesign

 In Grand Marais, Lake Superior, North Shore, Picture

Bryan on a Beach

Self-Portrait from way back. I also redesigned my website. Some of the copy needs to be revised, but that’ll happen in the next month or so. Too much computer time and not enough shooting this summer, but that’s where the work has been.

Anyway, this portrait always reminds me to look forward and don’t worry too much about anything. The waves will smooth out if you just wait for them to pass.

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  • Eric

    I like this photo. It’s very calming, maybe a little lonely and depressing. Nonetheless, very nice.

  • Bryan

    Thanks, Eric.

  • JoelTruckenbrod

    Well Bryan, life certainly has its ebbs and flows. Compared to the last, this has been a bit of a down year as well. While larger picture of our lives can sometimes can be forgotten, we oftentimes have to do things in order to get ahead and ultimately create opportunities for ourselves to do what we want. As with anything, balance is key. Even the finest wine grows tiresome if drunk to frequently. Anyhow, I hope things are going well for you and thanks for doing this blog. I greatly enjoy reading about your adventures in the northland. Best of luck!

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