Pictures from America’s North Coast

 In Lake Superior, North Shore, Picture

Lake Superior Pack Ice

Pack ice piled against the north shore of Lake Superior at Cascade River State Park. In the left-most dip in the ice, there looks to be a solid line behind the ice. That’s the foamy crest of a wave breaking before smashing into the ice piles.

Lutsen Resort

No tripod, only a lens baby with a f/8 disc in the aperture, and this picture presents itself. What to do? Boost the ISO to 800, brace up against a pole with my body and camera and pray that one of the shots will be sharp. I fired off a couple of seconds of shots at 5 fps, and got this.

Old Powerplant Building

This is the old hydroelectric power plant  building that provided power at Lutsen Resort back in the day. It’s now a wonderful ruin to shoot pictures of. The day I took the picture was somewhat blah, overcast, snowing. So, I used an old slide/darkroom technique to get an artsy-fartsy look. I quite like it.

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