Mexico: Chained Bike and Virgin Mary

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Yellow buildings, two trimmed trees and a bike in Mexico

Today was an interesting day, at the resort, we just received 12 new pairs of MSR snowshoes, and as I’m opening them I get this great desire to go snowshoeing. And just as that desire is building one of the front desk employees comes back into the office and lets me know that a guest wants to talk to me. Turns out the guest wants to go out snowshoeing. Perfect! Turns out that she is a retired photography teacher and former freelance photographer. Great hike up to Lake Agnes…Good conversation. Pictures to be posted in the next couple of days… The suspense is killing you isn’t it?

Anyway, I get home and my dad is having a computer problem, so I call home and get my mom who has heard one of her co-workers has recently read an article of mine and loved it, then my dad, also on the phone, starts to worry about my articles getting stolen on the Internet, and I google my name and actually find one that was stolen. So, I wrote them a strongly worded letter, the big problem being is that I support the place that used the article, so I would have let them use it for free anyway. *shrug*

So, I kept on looking at the google links and found Katie Klein’s excellent blog post neighborhood is called a barrio (Opens in a New Window), which links back to a picture of mine from my 2006 trip to the west coast of Mexico, which is a picture of a shrine to the Virgin Mary from Manzanillo. How holiday appropriate? Katie Klein has also posted images of shrines to Our Mother of Guadalupe (Opens in a New Window). Well worth checking out if you’re into shrines like I am.

The whole point: It’s funny how chains of events can link together interesting coincidences.

Shire to Virgin Mary

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  • Bryan

    Copyright update. I’ve only ever experienced two other copyright violations in my life. In both of those cases, nothing was ever resolved. One website still is displaying my work despite multiple letters requesting removal. The other pleaded fair use.

    In this case, I received a great email from the CEO of the organization with an apology and an offer to pay for the article! Wow! When I get the check I’m going to donate it back to the local branch of the same organization.

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