Lutsen Resort and a Lens Baby

 In Lake Superior, North Shore, Picture

Lichen and Branch

Had a short three-hour Summer Photography Workshop for four people at Lutsen Resort on Sunday. I usually don’t shoot much during these workshops, but the participants seemed to be very self-sufficient, so I played around with a Lens Baby between questions and feedback.


Private workshops during the summer are an option. If interested, contact me.


I really like this shot. It’s probably one of my favorite that I’ve taken this summer.

Lutsen Resort Bridge

The covered bridge at Lutsen Resort almost looks like something that you’d see in Tibet.

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  • Ilena

    I love your use of colors! It is beautiful. The daisy picture makes me want to print it on a card or paint it. Nice work!

  • Andrew Slade, Sugarloaf

    Thanks for posting this work, Bryan. What a treat to see some North Shore familiar places and plants made new again.

  • Bryan

    Thanks, Andrew.

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