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Georgian Bay

I’ve added a Georgian Bay Trip Gallery from my kayak trip there. I went on the trip last month, and the photos in the gallery give a flavor of what it was like to paddle there.

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  • JoelT

    This image you posted here is probably my favorite in the gallery that you put up. The puddle in the foreground works really well as a visual entry point, and the ultra-wide feel gives the image a powerful sensation of space. The horizon does feel a bit tilted in the clockwise direction, but it’s difficult to really tell for certain at this size. Did you add the vignetting yourself? Or was that just a result of your lens and any filters that you may have used? Cool stuff!

  • Bryan

    I believe that the camera was completely level when I shot this, but I can’t remember. I usually use a bubble level when shooting over water. I think if I were to mat and frame this, I’d give it a bit of counter clock-wise rotation.

    The vignetting was added during developing of the RAW file in Photoshop. I felt that the gray/blue needed a bit of something to force the viewers eyes towards the center. It’s a bit stronger image now.

    Georgian Bay is hard to capture and it was tough to get anything that I would consider A+. Especially so, because we were tented for two days and paddling amount non-stop on the others. This gallery, as do others on this site, functions more as a trip log for myself and my friend, Steve, so we can show what the place looks like.

    On the last day of the trip, I was starting to develop a sense of place there, but nothing like the connection I feel in the Black Hills, NE Iowa, or Northern MN. I need a few more trips there to help uncover and distill the spirit of the land.

    Thanks for the nice comments!

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