Frozen Lake

 In Picture, Winter

Black and White Frozen Lake Picture

I’m finding that Black and White is speaking to me more this year than in past years. This image is captured in color in RAW, imported into Photoshop with as low as contrast and as much detail as I can milk out of the RAW file. Then I converted the image into a B&W film style, added film grain, and then made a duplicate layer, blurred that layer, and adjusted opacity to give the silky look. After that, I compressed the layers, and worked with curves to give a nice range of shaded from almost pure just a touch about pure black. Lots of fun.

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  • Eric

    Very Nice, one of my favorites. I’d like to see it bigger.

  • Bryan

    I’m probably going to print this one for myself. Probably 16×24. If I do it, I’ll bring it with me next time we get together.

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