Cascade River

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Fisheye Cascade River

The Cascade River is running like crazy. We’ve received a ton of rain in the last week and the rivers are up. If you’re a whitewater kayaker, it’d be a good time to make your way up here.

BTW, fisheye photo.

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  • Sara

    Nice! We went backpacking on the SHT a couple weeks ago and were originally going to go to Cascade, but it was a bit dry and a little lackluster, so we headed up north a little bit to Kadunce. Glad to hear you’re getting some much needed rain.

  • Ilena

    Nice photo! I can’t believe the amount of water in the Cascade. It is very cool!

  • Joel

    Unique take on “the cascades”. I don’t recall ever seeing an image like it before. Nice work.

  • Bryan


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