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Tarptent Double Rainbow

My new tent is a Double Rainbow by Tarptent. The jury is still out on the performance/price value of this tent. The construction seems sub-par for a $250 tent. Here’s a night shot. Yellow hanging flashlight in the tent, couple of second exposure to arrive at the sky. Foreground lit with an on-camera flash with a diffuser.

Fire and Camping

Self-portrait by the fire.

Romance by the Fire

Try holding a 20 second pose and you’ll see how much a pain in the butt this shot was. On camera flash with diffuser and you can see the shadow it cast on the background.

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  • Erik Anderson

    Nice shots Bryan! You should enter some in the photo contest!

  • Bryan

    Thanks, Erik. And thanks for the tip about the contest.

    The terms of the contest release my images to the bwcaboard website to “be featured on websites and in local newspapers.” This is exactly the type of uncontrolled usage that I try to avoid. Typically, if a website wants to use my photo there is a usage fee to pay. That’s how I make my money. If the bwcaboard is interested in using these photos, please, email me for a price quote.


  • Tony Peroutky


    It looks like a proposal? No pressure.

  • Bryan

    And I almost went a full month without any pressure… It does look like a proposal picture doesn’t it? Who gets to do the dishes? That night it was me, and look how clean they are.

  • Erik Anderson

    If you do enter and win, but do not want your photo released in announcements, we won’t. Most photographers do like the added exposure, however, when they are released.

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