A Dull Spring Day on Artist’s Point

 In Grand Marais, Lake Superior, North Shore, Picture

Shooting vibrant spring pictures in April in the northland is a challenge. It’s hard to get motivated to go out and try to find an interesting subject when the skies are gray and the ground is dried brown. Flowers don’t start rising out of the ground until a bit later, and, well, there’s nothing to shoot pictures of… or is there?

Artist’s Point

Artist’s Point is a favoriate place for me to shoot. It’s just down the street and it’s has such a varied terrian that it’s easy to find a new subject on almost every trip. Today, I wanted to give a lens that I’m thinking about selling one final go. If I liked it, I’d keep it around. If not, the chopping block. In addition, I didn’t feel up to lugging around a tripod, which is something that I use for 95% of my photography.  The above shot is one of the first images that I took on the point. A small clearing in the clouds made for a quick blue sky photo.

Ice on Artist’s Point

Right now there are five to seven foot cliffs of ice shoved up against the breakwall. Another good subject. With a bit of the blue sky left and the green water and red rock not bad colorwise for the dull spring.

Ice and Sky

And the blue sky hung around a bit longer.

Ice Formations

After the blue went away and the sky started to provide a more difuse lighting, I started to photograph a subjects that look better out of direct lighting.

Grand Marais Lighthouse

What’s a trip to Artist’s Point without a lighthouse picture.

Northland Lichen

The best part about an overcast day is that pictures of colorful subjects, like this lichen, just pop. Color always looks better under clouds.

Old Dock on Artist’s Point

An old log for a dock.

Old wires

A few old wires, rusting, provide a subtle glow of silver and red. By placing the harbor water in the background, I’ve managed to get three colors in the picture: red, silver, blue, and is that light green moss on the post? If I saturated the log in photoshop, the green would have popped out.

Ice on Log

A weird ice formation pointing away from the wind on an old log of some anceint docks.

Don’t hang up the camera when it’s dull and gray out! You’ll miss good pictures!

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