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Being 35.

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  • Eric

    I like this. It makes you wonder. To me it is a ruler of time and it’s coming to a point where time doesn’t matter much anymore. I have all the time in the world, within my life, that is what matters. Whether It is 30 years or 100 years, it’s only time in my life. And when I die I’ll have been satisfied with the time that I have spent in life. I hate knowing the time, maybe thats why i’ve never owned a watch. Really!

  • Bryan

    Hmmm. And I thought it was just a fish scale. Here’s what I was thinking when I took it: Life to 35 has been such a blur and it’s gone by so fast, but now it’s time to bring that into focus and figure out what’s going on and where I’m going. Life is short and as Neil Young sings on his new album “if you try to do it all you might get lost.”


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