Surf on Lake Superior

 In Lake Superior, Picture

The surf has been up the last couple of days, but it has been chilly, so I haven’t gotten out the kayak, but I have gotten out the camera. This image will print 22″ long at 6″ high and is a pano made from one shot with my D200 and 10.5 DX full frame fisheye lens.
Lake Superior Surf Pano

I made this with a couple of steps:

1. Correct for the fisheye by straightening the fish eye curves.

2. Crop the image to remove areas with no picture details and super blurry edges.

3. Resize the image, so that it stretches along the horizon.

4. Lab Colored the heck out of it to add in the nice colors.

5. Resized for web.

It’s a nice image, I think. The 10.5 DX and the D200 make a powerful tool for single shot panos, but is probably not a replacement for multi-shot panos, unless you’re shooting just for web. I’ll explore this use more in the future.

Here’s what the image looked like when I started:

Lake Superior Surf Fisheye

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