Custer State Park Buffalo Round-Up 2006

 In Black Hills, Picture

Right behind Northern Minnesota and Maine, the Black Hills are the best place in the world. And Custer State Park and the nearby Black Elk Wilderness Area has to be the best places in the Black Hills.

I just got back from Custer State Park’s Annual Buffalo Round-up. This is when a bunch of cowboys get together and herd up 1500 buffalo, bison if you want to get technical, and run them right by you. This year 11,500 people showed up for the round-up. That’s almost 8 people per bison, so there were two cool herds to watch.

The next couple of days, I’ll be posting pictures from the Black Hills and the Round-Up.

Buffalo Custom

She comes from Iowa to dress up like a Buffalo and have a good time.

Horses on a hill

Could that be someone famous on the hill? Maybe a politician riding to the VIP tent.

buffalo round up 2006

Round em up.

Buffalo Round up 2006

Part of the crowd at the round up.

Down the chute

After being fitted with an electronic tracking collar, this bison is sent down the chute to the herd. Another door would open when the bison was going to the auction block.

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  • Ilena

    Looks like a good time!

  • Becky

    Firends of mine got married the Tuesday after the round-up in the little chapel in Custard State Park. They were at the round-up with ya.

  • Robin Eleson

    We were there for the first time! It was spectacular! All our pictures did not develop, so I love yours.


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