Dreaming of Adventure Again


The Milky Way over Lake Superior, the tombolo and a tent and person with a headlamp. Grand Marais, Minnesota.

I call this shot of the Milky Way over Lake Superior “Dreaming of Adventure Again.” It’s named after a shot of the Milky Way over the tombolo that I took last year. When I took that shot, I had wanted a tent, but didn’t have one with me and the weather wasn’t right to do the shot later. So, last night (really early morning) at 1am, I went out to the tombolo to shoot and ended up staying out until dawn broke.

Recently, a couple of photographer friends of mine have gone to the tombolo to shoot the Milky Way over it. I can’t help but think that I was the inspiration for those shots, because I know they both saw my original shot. So, while I had wanted to do this shot, their recent work was my motivation to get back out there. Both their takes on the subject were slightly different. Ideas for art are interesting. I had never seen the Milky Way over the tombolo (or any of the other two small islands that we have up here), but one day I just dreamed it up in my imagination and then figured out when it would happen and then showed up. The original shot was a good one and now other photographers are making their versions. I suppose all art is something like that.

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