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Northern Landscapes 2013 Calendar


My Northern Landscapes 2013 Calendar features images from the Grand Marais and Grand Portage area of Cook County, Minnesota. I took each of the images at some point during 2012, so all the images are fresh and some of the most liked of the year. Most of the images are of Lake Superior, but I […]

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Winter in the Rockies eBook

Winter photography in the Rockies

Darwin Wigget is a photographer that I love. His images are amazing and capture the spirit of the wilderness in the Rockies. His winter images capture the essence of winter. Today, he released Winter in the Rockies, an ebook with some of his best winter images and explanations of how he took them. He also […]

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Northern Landscapes 2010 Calendar

I wanted a calendar of my favorite images from, mainly, the last year, so I put one together. It’s available for purchase. You should check it out and buy my Northern Landscapes 2010 Calendar here. – You should follow me on Twitter Here.

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Night Photography Workshop Worked!

Tonight I taught a Night Photography Workshop. It was 3 hours with 1 hour of classroom and 2 hours down on Artist’s Point. All week I’ve been watching the weather and crossing my fingers that it would be okay for tonight. With 35 mph winds yesterday and rain for the last week I was concerned. […]

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Lost Maps

I found a lost map the other day.

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Self Portrait

A self-portrait taken earlier this month for a magazine that needed a head shot of me. They’re doing an article about expeditions that are going on this summer. My Around the Great Lakes Expedition is being featured as one the the trip going on this year. If you don’t know about my Around the Great […]

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Fallout Shelter

In Dubuque, IA. Lensbaby with 0.42x Converter.

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Dubuque’s Masonic Temple with a Lensbaby and a 0.42x lens

I was in Dubuque, IA last week and managed to spend an entire day shooting photos with a Lensbaby Composer and the new 0.42 Lensbaby Wide Angle converter. I went downtown Dubuque to shoot pictures of the outside of the Masonic Temple only to run into Bob Young, a member of the fraternity. As he […]

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In the Tent

In a tent on a photo shoot for polar explorer Eric Larsen.

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Lensbaby February Day Fifteen: Hot Chocolate

The dreamy look of hot chocolate shot with a Lensbaby Composer and Plastic Optic.

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Lensbaby February Day Nine: Polar Explorer

A fun Lensbaby picture from a photo shoot today with Eric Larson. Eric needed some pictures of the gear that he’s using for his Save The Poles Expedition. As you can tell from the picture, polar explorers do have a sense of humor.

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Birch Bark in Ice

D200, Lensbaby Composer, Plastic Optic. I’ve been shooting a bit with the new Lensbaby Composer. BTW: I’m trying out a new look on the website. The new look changes colors to compliment the displayed image. It also only displays one image per page, which means that some of the old blog posts are only going […]

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On the Job with a New Lens Baby Composer

Today, I was shooting a few pictures of Lutsen Resort’s new WatersMeet Massage and Spa center, and I was having a hard time building the pictures that I really wanted, so I decided to slap my new Lens Baby Composer on my camera. The Lens Baby Composer is essentially a Lens Baby 2.0 with a […]

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Rocket in My Pocket

This little MSR Pocket Rocket has become my fav. stove. It’s easy to use, efficient, and light.

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Crepuscular Rays

Always look up. If you don’t, you may miss phenomena like Crepuscular Rays.

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Little Red Houses of Norway II

After the break a letter that I wrote to Governor Tim Pawlenty today.

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Off to Norway for two weeks, so I’ll be out of touch and out of the office until then. I’ll answer email and phone messages when I get back. I have plenty of evenings available in August for Private Instruction and Portraits.

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The value of a point and shoot camera is that it’s with you when you see a grab shot. I’d sure like to shoot this with a real camera instead of the G9, but the G9 isn’t bad once you get used to it.

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