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Photo Workshop Black Friday Special

All of my 2015 classes are now open for registration. They make great Christmas gifts. Hope to see you on Lake Superior, in the Badlands, the Great Smoky Mountains or in Iowa next year. For the Black Friday weekend, I’m offering $25 off for my workshop registrations (except the Neal Smith Workshop). Use the code […]

Northern Nightscapes 2015 Calendar Now Available

My Northern Nightscapes 2015 Calendar is now out. Here’s a preview of the calendar. I included the dates for meteor showers, full moons, new moons and lunar eclipses. Buy one calendar, get a second copy of the same item for half price. Cannot be combined with other offers. (Coupon Code: PIC4U) <– Works as of […]

2015 Northern Landscapes Calendar

For this year’s calendar I selected images that were all from near Grand Marais. While I did do a good deal a traveling with two visits to the Smoky Mountains and two visits to the Badlands and visits to Florida and elsewhere, I felt like my happiest images were from the Grand Marais area. Over […]

October Newsletter: Shooting the Lunar Eclipse

Fall in the northland went fast this year. The reds seemed to go from green to peak to falling off the trees in less than 5 days. The fall in the northland went slow this year. The yellows seemed to peak at the same time as the red and despite the rain and strong winds, […]

Winter is Coming to Lake Superior

In a land to the north, far north in Minnesota, a place of stark beauty, winter is coming. Soon blue ice will coat the shoreline, the sun will rise and set over the vast open emptiness of Lake Superior. Soon sheets of ice will rush down the coast piling up against the ancient basalt. Soon, […]

Photography as Poetry

One of the big myths believed in photography is that every good photo must tell a story. I simply disagree. While a good photo may tell a story, not all good photos need to tell a story. I think this myth probably evolved from the journalistic side of photography. In journalism, you want to tell a […]

Forget the Settings and Learn the Principles of Photography

For this month’s newsletter, I’ll discuss a few of the principles of photography. Specifically, the creative relationships between shutter speed and aperture. Over the years, I’ve attended a number of presentations from other photographers in which they discuss aperture and shutter speed, and I’ve taught aperture and shutter speed in my workshops since day one. […]
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