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Winter is Coming to Lake Superior

In a land to the north, far north in Minnesota, a place of stark beauty, winter is coming. Soon blue ice will coat the shoreline, the sun will rise and set over the vast open emptiness of Lake Superior. Soon sheets of ice will rush down the coast piling up against the ancient basalt. Soon, […]

Photography as Poetry

One of the big myths believed in photography is that every good photo must tell a story. I simply disagree. While a good photo may tell a story, not all good photos need to tell a story. I think this myth probably evolved from the journalistic side of photography. In journalism, you want to tell a […]

Forget the Settings and Learn the Principles of Photography

For this month’s newsletter, I’ll discuss a few of the principles of photography. Specifically, the creative relationships between shutter speed and aperture. Over the years, I’ve attended a number of presentations from other photographers in which they discuss aperture and shutter speed, and I’ve taught aperture and shutter speed in my workshops since day one. […]

Kayak Photography Workshop – Bring a friend for 1/2 price

I still have 6 spaces on my Lake Superior Kayak Photography Workshop, so I’m running a deal. Bring a friend for 1/2 price. Add two workshops to your cart and then enter “kayak1/2″ as the coupon code at checkout. Lake Superior’s shoreline offers a basalt shores, rugged cliffs and untouched forests that are only reachable […]

Shoot the Moon Photography Class

I’d like to announce a new class. I’m partnering with the Grand Marais Art Colony and the Grand Marais Art Festival to teach a one-day class on shooting the full moon. We’ll start in the classroom and I’ll teach you about the techniques required to capture a good full moon shot behind the Grand Marais […]

June Newsletter: Photography Resources

For this month’s newsletter, I want to write about some photography resources that I like. I typically don’t make these types of recommendations, because I’m a bit old school and some of these resources are older and haven’t been updated for the digital age, and some won’t be updated because the author/photographer has passed away. […]

Desensitized Color Syndrome in Landscape Photography

Before you start reading this essay, understand that all artists have unique approaches to how they tackle their artwork. In digital photography, I’m going to guess that 99%+ of professional landscape artists use some sort of digital processing for their images. If you count the fact that cameras also process information coming off the sensor […]

May Newsletter: A Busy Travel Month

Is it really May already? It’s hard to believe that April went by so quickly, but for much of it I was on a big road trip that went from Florida to the Smoky Mountains to Iowa and then back to Minnesota. I came back to the north shore just in time to enjoy the […]

Equipment Does Matter; Equipment Doesn’t Matter

There’s a pseudo-debate in photography that has been going on for awhile, but it flares up now and then and it has recently. The debate goes like this: equipment doesn’t matter, because you can make good photos with whatever camera equipment that you have with you. The other side of the debate says, equipment does […]
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