Minnesota’s Fall River Waterfalls

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The Fall River is one of my favorite north shore waterfalls. It’s just west of Grand Marais on Highway 61 and access is about the easiest of any along Lake Superior. Below the highway, a 20- to 25-foot waterfall plunges into a big pool. During summer, you can wade out into the pool and take a bath under the falls. Hiking a few yards north of the highway gives you a great view of two beautiful falls.

This one runs mainly in spring. During a wet fall it also runs high. During the summer, it’s much more of a dribble. Because the sun hits all the falls during the day, it’s best to photograph it before and just after sunrise or at sunset. Even better is to wait for an overcast day. The darker the day, the more silky you can make the water.

Here’s a little history about the place name. From Minnesota Place Names: A Geographical Encyclopedia:

Rosebush township organized in 1907, took its name from Rosebush Creek, in translation of is Ojibwe name, Oginekan, though called “Fall River” on maps … The creek a mile farther west was mapped as “Rose Bush River.”


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  • Brett Nord

    Absolutely beautiful images – very inspirational for me as a photographer from the Duluth area. Great work and a slick web site I might add!

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Caribou River Waterfall taken during a photography workshopRosebush Creek waterfall on Minnesota's north shore.