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Little Cedar Spirit Tree (Manido Gizhigance or The Witch Tree)

I did a 13 mile kayak circumnavigation of Susie Island on Monday. On the way, I stopped for a second to pay my respects to the Little Cedar Spirit Tree (Opens in a New Window). Traditionally, a pinch of tobacco is left at the tree, but, since, the tobacco industry took two of my grandparents […]

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At the Folk Museum in Norway

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Red Rorbuer In Norway

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Kayak Parking at the Lofoten Cathedral

Vågan Church, Lofoten Cathedral, was built in 1898 and can accommodate up to 1,200 people.

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Little Red Houses of Norway II

After the break a letter that I wrote to Governor Tim Pawlenty today.

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Midnight Sun

The Midnight Sun in Norway.

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